Desktop Applications

Design to be execute on workstations as a winforms.

Rodware has wide experience developing desktop applications that communicate within a local network or by calling web services to get a database access or within workstations.

Using the clients existing technologies or suggesting technologies to develop the application using methodology and technics of software engineering to get a product that satisfices the client requirements. This process is always done in the best coordinated way with the involved parts to collect the client needs, analize them, design a solution and give a proposal to the client and repeating the process to get the best product based on the most recent and accurate requirements. All this process having the best communication possible. We work creating modules of the whole application to they can be developed as small parts to simplify the process and to present process to the client so they can have a better idea of current status and pending work.

The experience tell us there are certain defined process to accomplish thess tasks, but they have to be adjusted to each client and project because of its own nature to make it a real tailored work and get the best product possible.

Important Facts


Methodology: Define the steps to follow in order to get the expected results.


Resources: Interrelationship between people, hardware and tools to produce a nice and efficient relationship.


Ethic: Software must be developt as a product for a better society with individual,groupal and organizational principles.


In Rodware we adapt to the clients technology, of course if as result of analyzis we can suggest a change. Technology world changes constantly which requests us to be updated with new trends and methods, but our experience tell us it is not always required and good for a client to make an expesive and big change since they care about making it work and not what technology was used.

Some of the technologies we work with are: